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Mother's Day Tribute 2020

Thank you for all of you who shared memories, experiences and comments about your mothers. We will all be blessed from reading about these special women who paid a big part in who we all are today! 

Editor's note: These have been listed in the order in which they were received.

Contributed by Marion S.

My mother was known for her amazing beauty, her warm welcoming spirit, her commitment to her faith, and her impeccable sense of style.  She was very young when she married and had children.  But her wisdom was uncanny! Even though she suffered from the crippling disease of childhood polio, that never diminished her strong work ethic and her dedication to excellence.  I learned so much from her. But my best memories involve her addiction to shopping.  Every year while I was at home on my birthday, December 26th, we would totally enjoy our shoppers sprees. I never felt deprived of birthday parties because we really shopped! I miss you mom in so many areas, but I especially miss our shopping sprees! 

Also contributed by Marion S.

My beautiful mother-in-law has been a second mother to me. At our first meeting she welcomed me into her loving family. She has loved me like her own daughter and set a beautiful example for raising our children and loving a husband for a lifetime. I am so blessed!

Contributed by Pastor Herb

My mother and I have always had a special mother-son bond. My dad swears to this day that when I was very young I was more willing to talk to her than I was to him. I don't know if this is true but that is the way that he tells it.  One of my fondest memories was the summer when I was between 4th and 5th grade. My mother was attending Cheney State College and I was able to go to the campus with her. This was at a time when a mother could take her child to a college campus and let him/her roam the campus. And that is exactly what I did!!!! I explored parts of that campus that the landscaping crew did not know about. Somedays I even went to class with her. I enjoyed those days with her, riding in the car as she drove 80 miles an hour to get to class and eating lunch in the cafeteria with her and her friends I love you Mom!

Contributed by Lise C. W.

When I was a young woman, I would catch my Mom staring at me lovingly, and I hated it.  The day I realized she didn’t have much more time on earth, I caught her staring at me lovingly, and I loved it.

Contributed by Marilyn C.

What an honor to be able to give my mother, Mrs. Syretha Flynt Robinson tribute on this Mother’s Day!  My mother is a shining light that I have always aspired to be.  She is the mother that as a child could make a scrape on your leg feel better by kissing it and giving her loving touch to patch you up.  As a teen, she taught me how to love myself and to carry myself as a proud, smart black girl.  And as I became a woman, wife and mother, my Mom is who I can call for uplifting conversation, spiritual guidance and someone I can share a laugh with.  To sum it up my Mother’s love is caring, selfless, patient, generous, spiritual and sincere.  Thanks Mom for setting the standard of what a woman, NO, a woman of God should be.

The other mother that touched my life and heart is my mother-in-law Verna Mae Crump, who I miss until this day.  A heart of gold that I was blessed to experience firsthand.  From the day we met, she opened her arms to me as a loving mother.  Never a harsh or ill word did I ever hear her speak.  I remember her laugh, beautiful smile, jean outfits, her push for educational excellence, her fried chicken and collard greens, red hair and how special she made all of us feel.  To Mama Crump, you will always be in my heart.

Contributed by Regina S.

What can I say about our mom? She's sweet, patient, determined, beautiful, warm, friendly, great cook (have you had her corn pudding?), smart, and hilarious!!! She is my rock!! And she has Spidey senses. Yep, Spidey senses. She was always able to tell when I wasn't feeling well. I remember one time I was very sick (I had a bad cold) she called me and said "Are you alright?" No hello... just "Are you alright?" Hmmm... mom, how did you know I was sick? "Oh," she said. I just had that feeling. Yep definitely Spidey senses. Here's the thing, mom rarely called. Dad on the other hand called frequently (still does) and dad would hand her the phone. So to pick up the phone and hear her voice first...Spidey senses. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you bunches!

Contributed by Carlton C.

In addition to being an incredible Mother, my Mom was an awesome cook!

Her spices and seasonings took all of her dishes to a totally different level..


When I rented my first apartment in college, I'd call her every week for a cooking lesson as I prepared my first" bachelor" Sunday dinners. She taught me how to fry chicken, broil pork chops and fix mac and cheese, all over the telephone from some 200 miles away.


I enjoyed our Sunday cooking lessons for the laughter, joking (who knew the wing was attached to the breast and the gizzard was that gross thing inside the chicken, yuk!) and the bonding we shared every week. 

Years later, I found out that she spent telephone time with my siblings EVERY Sunday as well.  


As I think about my Mom on this special day, I'm remembering how lucky I was to have her as my first "Favorite Girl".


I'll always love you Ma!


Happy Mothers Day,

Contributed by Denise M.

When I Remember my mom Gladys Marrow.. I think about all the good food she cooked ....every Thanksgiving a complete full Thanksgiving breakfast and dinner... I think about what a good member she was to her church and how she cooked meals for the church to raise money for it ... I think about how my mom was a very good person. She did her part as a hard working person....mother and a wife but the thing about her was she wasn’t a complainer...considering all she had to bear in her lifetime..she was a good mom .... she just did what was expected of her in life.. And didn’t seem to expect anything in return except maybe some consideration.. rest in peace mom you’ll always be loved and missed.

Contributed by Tara J.

I appreciate my mom helping me leading up to my wedding and on the actual wedding day. She kept me calm and it was great to have that experience with her. I feel like we grew closer from that expereince. 

Contributed by Desiree' S.

Every time Ma comes to visit and is about to leave, we hug for a super long time and try not to cry!

Contributed by Michael and Tyler S

Happy Mother’s Day to a mother who is compassionate, understanding, and funny. We appreciate all the support you’ve given us, the wisdom you’ve shared, and for the love you show when cook for us. Thank you so much for being our mother and we hope your day is amazing.


With love,

Michael and Tyler

Contributed by Amber S.

My mom has taught me so much and helped me grow into the young woman I am today. She’s shown me how to love myself and how to love others. She’s taught me how to sacrifice. She’s shown me how to be a witness to others in Christ. She’s taught me how to stay strong in the midst of storms and adversity. She’s given me an unconditional amount of love that I could only imagine ever receiving. The amount of blessings and support she has poured out on me is overwhelming, and I can see that even as an adult, she would do anything for her children. I’ve seen how much she’s done for my sisters and I, and appreciate that she always comes to our aid. If I’m ever in trouble, or someone is giving me a hard time, she goes straight into “mama bear mode” and it reminds me of all that she has done, would do, and will continue so for me throughout my life. I admire my mom so much, and I’ve always aspired to love more like her and be more like her. I thank God every day for my mom, and I couldn’t imagine who I would be without her.

Contributed by Thomas J.

My mother's day story.
Making mom proud.
Sons want to do this. 
In elementary school I had to rap about fruits and vegetables for class. The teacher made me the lead. I wore a red sweatsuit and had black sunglasses on like I was in a  puff daddy video.I also had the little girls dancing behind me. I did the rap and all the parents cheered. The most important person my mom was bought to tears and joy. I am a quiet and reserved person as you know. So she encouraged me and helped with my lines at home.
As you know my mom she can still make jokes about it to this day. It was one of many moments were I would make her proud and thankful that she helped me became the man I am today.   


Contributed by Karen G

My memories with my mom are listening to the Carpenters in the dining room and going on walks with her!


Contributed by Larry G.

My mother used to take me to the train tracks when I was little. She also used to play board games with me all the time.

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