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Q: What denomination are you?


A: We are an independent and non-denominational church.  


Q. Why do you do church so differently?


A: God didn’t give us one “right” way to “do” church. Some ways have become ingrained over the years. They are traditions that have worked for many people but may not be working for others. Since the genesis of CAYA Ministries, we believed that we were called upon to find new ways to elevate the name of Jesus.


Q: I don’t believe in God, am I still welcome?


A: Absolutely! We do hope that you’re open to exploring the Word of God (the Bible) with us and will answer any question you may have, or search for the answer together with you.


Q: What’s your dress code?


A: Our dress code is very simple. All we ask is that you do wear clothes. That’s about it, come as you are!


Q: How long does your service last?


A: The time varies but it typical will go no longer than 1:20 minutes. Afterwards we invite you to participate with us in sharing refreshments and fellowship in our lounge. We will understand if you cannot do so but please know that we will love to shake your hand and answer any questions that you may have.


Q: I have small children and teenagers. Are my kids welcome?


A: Families are one of the highest priorities of our church. Your kids will learn and grow in a safe, fun environment. Your teens will find other teens to pal around with and they will be able to discuss subjects that are important to them as they evolve from the teen years into the young adult years.  


Q: People seem happy to be here at CAYA Ministries. I am skeptical of church because of some of the things that I read in the media. Is this place a cult?


A: Definitely not. Cults tell you what to believe and they take away your freedom. At CAYA you’re welcome no matter what you believe. Our mandate is to present the Word of God in a straightforward and honest way and allow you to experience the freedom to let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. Plus, cults are never funny, and we’re freakin’ hysterical!


Q: Do I have to be a member of a particular race to attend your church?


A: Absolutely. We ask that all who come are a part of the human race! That’s about it, other than that, come as you are!



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