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Understanding the Parables of Jesus

Session One  - Intro 

A) Why study the parables?

         (1) Most prominent form of Jesus' teachings.

         (2) They are meant to do something to align us with the Kingdom of God.


(B) Questions to ask when reading the parables.

         (1) Who is God in the parable?

          (2) What is disturbing about the parable?

          (3) What is wrong/shocking in the parable?

          (4) What do we learn from the parable?

          (5) What is the context and the causality of the parable?

          (6) Who are the characters in the parable?

The Parable of the Sower


The debate between Jesus and the religious leaders over the Sabbath and the issue if healing.

The discussion of who is my mother and my brother.

Expectation of a farmer - For sown seed to lead to a harvest.


          (1) Sower

          (2) Seeds

          (3) Soil


Types of soil

          (1) Wayside

          (2) Stoney

          (3) Thorny

          (4) Good soil

Factors common to the soil...

          (1) Struggle

          (2) Sustainability

          (3) Surplus

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